Bees Wax - 5 lb block
Bees Wax - 5 lb block

Bees Wax - 5 lb block

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5x 1lb block of pure bees wax. 

Beeswax is beneficial in so many ways, and not just for moisturizing your skin:

  • anti-inflammatory – soothes irritated skin
  • anti-bacterial
  • beeswax contains vitamin A – which helps to protect the skin from UV radiation, improves healing of wounds and reduces wrinkles
  • naturally free of toxins
  • promotes a chemical-free, sustainable lifestyle
  • beeswax hardens (or thickens) homemade cosmetics – this, in turn, makes them more shelf-stable and easier to apply
  • water-repellent – a suitable feature for making beeswax wraps to replace plastic cling film

 Take a few minutes to research the many uses of Beeswax.

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